Monday, May 6, 2013


Yesterday we had a birthday party for my youngest daughter. We were not sure what to do with Romeo as he does not always take well to little kids bothering him. He did wonderful. He acted like a perfect gentleman . He did not go after anyone or try eat their food. We are very proud of you Romeo!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Everything you need to know about Hermit Crabs

if you look closely you will see a few hermit crabs the most noticeable is the little yellow one on the bottom AJ and the Black one with the peace sign Peace-out.
this is a more close up of peace-out
This big green guy is Triple H and next to him is Prince
everyone else is hiding. There is a total of 5 hermit crabs in here

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hermit Crabs

Next week is my daughters birthday and she has informed us that she wants more hermit crabs and a new habitat. I work in Target and just downstairs is a Pet Supermarket. So I finally went in there thinking they would be this fantastic pet store where people will want to help us and we will find everything we need to make a bigger better crabitat. Boy was I wrong that store is like a madhouse. I felt like I was in Walmart. Confusion everywhere and just one to many people. The employees each look like they need not one but two breaks to deal with the madness. I felt sad for them and glad that I don't have to go back there on a Sunday afternoon anyway. Today we will try Petco. I am hoping it all works it self out. I looked on there website it looks like they sell stuff for the Hermit Crabs so we are hoping for a successful birthday gift!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Does anyone know how to tell what is wrong with your dog?

Romeo is going crazy again. I am so afraid that we will have to put him down. He just cries and barks for no apparent reason. He does not appear to be in pain. I give him a bath no fleas or ticks or bug bites? He is eating well going to the bathroom as usual? I rub his ears and touch them he does not seem to be bothered? but he stands at the door and barks when no one or nothing is there? he stands in the bedroom door and wont come in the room just stands at door and cries like something is blocking him?? if he were an old person I would think he was going senile? If anyone has any advice or info please share with me here

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Triple H The Hermit Crab

Just in case you are wondering little crabby is doing great. He is turning more grey each day looks like his little skeleton is getting harder and is activity level is way up. I am so happy this little guy survived!! I need to add a picture of him
Here's Triple H the Hermit Crab what a little cutie!

Monday, April 22, 2013

What is wrong with Romeo?

This past weekend we wanted to give Romeo a bath. I am guessing Romeo did not want a bath. I told my son to put his collar on and bring him outside to start giving the dog a bath. Well Romeo had another idea he decided he was going to start growling and attempting to bite Jake. Well this was not going to happen so big sister Jeana gets involved Romeo you will not be biting my brother and she goes to grab him and bring him outside he went nuts. Started growling at her like he never met us before it was really kind of scary. I had to get involved and calm him down and I wound up giving him a bath but he really showed us a side of him we did not want to see.
Has this ever happened to any of you? Just wondering what is the likelyhood of an almost 5 year old dog turning on his family members? I am hoping this never happens again as if I can't trust him how can I have him. But we love him and have had him since he was a pup so I don't get it .
I just pray and pray he was having a really bad day and that we won't experience that again. I sometimes thing he is going senile?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Angel Flyers
This is a link to a video of my hubby's Homing Pigeons Angel Flyers!!!

Hermit Crabs

So our little hermit crab Triple H went through the molting process and he survived!!! YEAH
In the past when one of our hermit crabs started shedding its exo-skeleton it did not make it. This time I believe the conditions were just right and we had success. My children were very happy their little friend is still with them. For the first few days he just kind of stayed still in his shell with the exo-skeleton totally removed from him. Then all the sudden he just kind of came out a little bit and started eating the exo-skeleton. He was like a light orange color and not moving around much but now a few days later he is starting to become more of his usual greyish brown color. I am so happy that we were able to create a peaceful enviornment for Triple H to molt..
My youngest daughters birthday is coming up and the plan is to get a bigger crabitat so she can get Triple H some friends. Wonder what she will name them? Probably more westlers I'm pretty sure

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Dog Romeo

I don't know what kind of pets you own but we have a few. We have a dog named Romeo who I will talk about some more in a minute. We have a hermit crab his name is Triple H( like the wrestler) and we are about to get a few more as Triple H's friend AJ left this earth recently. We also have Homing Pigeons I can't even guess how many for sure as this is my hubby's passion. He has about 150 birds all together. Right now he has about 40 baby birds just learning to fly and come home and about 20 more that are scheduled to start going out this week. Hopefully they will learn as fast as the 40 who are flying already. So we like pets in our home. My oldest daughter is also getting a German or Flemish Bunny This guy will grow to be about 30 pounds just like the dog so she has to make sure that she gets everything the Bunny will need to have a good home before we drive to Ocala Florida where the farm is that breeds these bunnies. Or at least the farm closest to us. That is about a 1-1/2 hour drive so when we take the ride she has to have everything in order first.
So now about Romeo

Romeo as he grows
Romeo now at almost 5 years old
We have had Romeo for just about 5 years now and he is really part of our Family. He gets yelled at as much as the kids and gets talked about as much as the kids and yeah he eats as much as the kids.
We had no trouble training Romeo he was easy but then somewhere along the line he stopped eating dog food and wanted nothing but people food. After some time of fussing we kind of gave in to that meat and moisty dog food and a little cheese. Time started passing and we noticed no matter how many baths we give him he has a terrible odor. We started researching and found out that meat and moisty is about equal to us giving him a couple of big macs a day. We also found out that food allergies cause odor. So we went to the feed store and started asking questions about the different foods. We went with the Lamb and Rice Diamond food and it took many weeks to get him to start eating only dog food again. We had to go several days of putting the same bowl of food down he kept crying and not wanting to eat the food and then one day like a miracle I hear crunch crunch crunch and the dog food was gone. Later that evening I put down a small bowl of the same food and he walked right over and ate it. So now he is on a strict dog food only diet. He smells much better now. He still smells like a dog but its not like you can smell him when he walks in the house so that is much better and I am sure he must feel better too.
Well yesterday my son decided he was going to surprise his Dad and go outside and clean Dad's pigeon coop while he not home(guess he is trying to score some brownie points :) ) and when he was cleaning he took down the lattice so he could clean under the coop as well. Well Romeo got under the coop and he decided he is going to eat all the corn the birds kick out of their feed. I don't know if he got bit by a spider or some other creature or if he got sick from eating the corn and bird seed? but last night he just stood by the door crying and barking and would not go out side not even with us calling him and even offering him cheese he just cried. At first it seemed like his legs were hurting him but then he let us rub them and move them in different directions(as we were trying to examine him) so I don't believe he was in pain there but he just keep crying and would not come to any of us not even my youngest who can always get his attention. After almost 4 hours of him crying and barking I decided to give him a little childrens benadryl as the vet told us to give him when he got stung by the wasp a while back. I did not want to bring him to the ER vet as that is very expensive and did not want to do that unless he did not get any rest. Well this morning he jumped right up and started running around the house as usual . So I don't know if Romeo had a bite of some sort and it was itching or hurting him or if it was something that passed but I am very Thankful to have my Romeo back. I was so worried.