Monday, April 22, 2013

What is wrong with Romeo?

This past weekend we wanted to give Romeo a bath. I am guessing Romeo did not want a bath. I told my son to put his collar on and bring him outside to start giving the dog a bath. Well Romeo had another idea he decided he was going to start growling and attempting to bite Jake. Well this was not going to happen so big sister Jeana gets involved Romeo you will not be biting my brother and she goes to grab him and bring him outside he went nuts. Started growling at her like he never met us before it was really kind of scary. I had to get involved and calm him down and I wound up giving him a bath but he really showed us a side of him we did not want to see.
Has this ever happened to any of you? Just wondering what is the likelyhood of an almost 5 year old dog turning on his family members? I am hoping this never happens again as if I can't trust him how can I have him. But we love him and have had him since he was a pup so I don't get it .
I just pray and pray he was having a really bad day and that we won't experience that again. I sometimes thing he is going senile?

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